What is CrowdPouch?

CrowdPouch is a platform for consumers who wish to buy handmade products crafted by local artists. CrowdPouch is also a marketplace for creators of handmade products who wish to sell these products from the comfort of their homes.

What is Preselling?

Preselling, as the name suggests, is a process of selling a product or a service even before it exists in the market. If you are a creator of handmade products, you can list them for preselling here on CrowdPouch.

How can I list my products on CrowdPouch?

You need to register as a Vendor on our platform first. Post that, you can add your products from your Dashboard.Click here to Register.

What are the charges for listing products on CrowdPouch?

There are no charges for listing handmade products on CrowdPouch.

Only when a product of yours is sold, 7% of the product price is deducted as platform fee and payment gateway charges.

Are there any documents required to register as a Vendor/Seller on CrowdPouch?

No documents are required for the registration of vendors/sellers on CrowdPouch. Similarly, GST is not required as well.

Only for sellers listing food, beverages or edibles, we ask for a valid FSSAI License.

How does the shipping/delivery of a product happen?

Currently, our sellers handle logistics from their end. They make, pack and courier/post the product to the buyer’s address. Delivery cost, however, is added to the product price and borne by the buyer.

We plan to introduce end-to-end logistics soon. Please wait for updates.

Who can sell on CrowdPouch?

Any individual artist/creator residing in India – and looking to sell handmade products is welcome to set up his/her online store on CrowdPouch.

We do not encourage reselling – i.e. sourcing items from elsewhere and listing for sales on our platform.

When will my store get approved, once I register?

Screening and approval of stores take 3-4 working days. However, not all product pictures clear our screening round. We request sellers to click clear and appealing product images to maximize the chances of approval and listing on CrowdPouch.

I am a registered seller. I keep adding the same product again and again but it keeps disappearing from my Dashboard.

Not all products clear our screening process. If you don’t see your product approved in 3-4 days of submission and isn’t showing any more on your Dashboard/List of Products – it means that the product is not approved. There is no need to resubmit the same repeatedly.

We suggest you work on the next product and try to click good product pictures to increase the chances of approval and listing.