5 Best Handmade Home Decor Products


Before you delve into decorating your home, you need to locate the vision of your love for art and how you exactly want your space to look like, and if you wish to adorn your space with Handmade stuff – all classic and rare.

One of the most significant things to keep in mind when you wish to shop for home-decor is about yourself.

As ecologically-responsible citizens we must emphasize more on hand-made items rather than machine-generated products. CrowdPouch is proud to have been associated with ecologically sound décor items which will not only make your space look good but will also be sustainable and eco-friendly.  Hand-made pieces add a unique charm to your space and create a warm and welcoming ambiance that is unique to products that are made with a lot of thought and effort.

You are the one who would be visiting those pieces more often than anyone else and so you should be comfortable around the items you decorate the place with.

To help you choose some really great décor items, we have come up with a list of some of the best handmade home decor products from our website which would fit in your needs of a perfect handmade home decor item.

Epoxy clock: This is a really rare and stunning handmade clock crafted out of plates of wood made with a blend of perfect creativity and artistry. The contrast of the brown colour of the wood and the vibrant beautiful colours used in the needles makes it even more enchanting. The Epoxy clock is one of its kind and provides uniqueness and richness to your space. This is a must have if you are into collecting unique and antique home-décor pieces.

Beer Gel Candle: The Beer Gel Candle is another really pretty and unique home decor piece which comes in two gorgeous glass containers which add even more beauty to it. Gel candles are largely made up of organic minerals and thus contribute to the conscious environmental sustainability and are non-toxic.
It comes in a size of 4’’ and lasts quite long,  roughly 20-25 hours. Candles provide an extra touch of elegance to a place and are also loved by a lot of people and hence can be considered for gifting too. Thus, this product is sure to be one of your next purchases.

Ethnic Tray: This is a magnificent tray with traditional objects both designed and painted. An absolute beautiful use of vibrant colours such as blue and yellow makes it even more alluring. The peculiar little hand painted entities make it pleasing and attractive. It is a multi-purpose tray which can be used both for serving as well as for a wall décor following  the latest décor trends these days.

Dragon Pot: This is a bewitching flower vase decorated creatively in the aesthetic shades of blue. The exquisite hand-painted dragon provides an extra charm to it making it look extremely cute at the same time. The most attractive feature of the pot is the blending of the colours and the beautiful detailing that has been provided which makes it all the more unique.

Geometric wall clock

Geometric Wall Clock: This is a lovely geometric wall clock with a peculiar style resembling the idea of modern wall clocks and is apt to be a part of your modern homes. This is a classic piece featuring some really vibrant colours and unique patterns making it all the more special.


You can find all these amazing pieces under the “Home Decor” section on our platform, CrowdPouch. We are sure that your quest for rare and beautiful home-décor pieces which not only decorate your homes, but also be a part of the story of who you essentially are will be listed here.

We hope that you visit presell.crowdpouch.com and bring the best to your homes.

Happy Shopping!

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